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Unicorn bathrobes and dressing gowns

Boys unicorn bathrobe

de €40,90 EUR

Unicorn Hooded Bathrobe

de €39,90 EUR
  • Bathrobe or dressing gown, all unicorn fans are entitled to their 100% unicorn complete outfit.
  • Unicorn dressing gown for kids and adults

    For children, the unicorn bathrobe is perfect to complete a unicorn outfit at home. A pajama set, dressing gown and unicorn slippers will be perfect. To go out with your friends, we love a handsome unicorn t-shirt, a denim jacket and unicorn shoes.

    Adult bathrobe (man or woman), nothing better after your bath

    Want to stay warm after you get out of the shower? The unicorn is there to accompany you out of the bath. Forget the idea of ​​your little towel! For winter, a unicorn dressing gown to keep warm after a hot night under the duvet. Several of our bathrobes have a hood with a cute horn and unicorn ears. Side pockets are available on each side of the dressing gown. The materials available are polyester or fleece for warmer dressing gowns. In most cases the bathrobes are unisex. We recommend machine washing at 30º. The colors are resistant to repeated washing.