Unicorn Night Mask

  • A wide range of super cute unicorn sleep masks. Versatile, they can be used to sleep perfectly in the dark, to isolate yourself while traveling or to dress up as a unicorn sleeper. Complete this accessory with many unicorn accessories or decorations for the home.
  • At Une Licorne, we love masks for sleeping, especially if they are based on the theme of the unicorn of course!

    Unicorn travel mask

    Whether traveling by plane, train or car, on a long trip, the eye mask is simply essential. It allows you to completely isolate yourself from the light and thus promote a long and restful sleep. What to look fresh and dapper on arrival, even after 10 hours of flight. In addition, it sends a message to other people: that of not disturbing us. We may miss the meal tray, but don't we say "Who sleeps, dines"?

    Unicorn mask for sleeping

    It is not because you are at home that the sleep mask is unnecessary. We can be led to sleep outside our home where the shutters let in the light, and if we are sensitive to that, the nights can quickly become a nightmare. The eye mask is here to save us. Quite simply, we may want a nap in the afternoon, and here again, the mask is a precious ally to put us in conditions conducive to falling asleep and quality sleep. And to make two things with one stone, try our gel eye mask. It is used under fabric masks: just put it in the refrigerator for a while then place it over your eyes, covered with the fabric mask. The cold will decongest the pockets, activate the blood circulation, and presto, your gaze rested and fresh as the morning dew!

    Unicorn sleep mask for kids and adults

    Are you convinced? So, all you have to do is choose your favorite unicorn mask from our selection. Are you going to choose a rather sober model, in soft fabric, with a pretty unicorn motif and / or a message? Or play the game to the bottom of the very "cocooning" unicorn mask with a fluffy plush fabric and a 3D horn?

A unicorn.