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16 unicorn cake ideas to make at home in 2023

by Maxime Blanchemin on September 24, 2019

DIY unicorn cake ideas

Are you planning a unicorn-themed birthday party? Or just want to have an original cake for a little girl? You are in the right place. We will show you 16 examples of unicorn cakes just as good as beautiful!

A unicorn cake for a successful birthday party. Here are 16 ideas to inspire you and please your children.

Unicorns are very fashionable, and your children have surely already asked you for a unicorn cake. Don't panic, we have selected 16 easy-to-make unicorn cake ideas for you!

Whether it's cupcakes or more elaborate layered cakes, unicorn cakes always have an effect. For a successful party, don't forget the unicorn birthday decoration for a themed party. Take a look at all the fantastic and magical cakes below and don't forget to let us know your favorites in the comments!

1. A cake in the shape of a unicorn head

Isn't this unicorn cake adorable? Cake Style made this cake for her daughter's birthday, and made a full video tutorial to show you how to make it again at home.

original unicorn cake

2. A unicorn cake with cartoon eyes

This cake cake stands out for its cartoon style eyes. Another originality: the eyes were printed using a still edible printer. You can also use regular paper and ink, but then you won't be able to eat them!

cartoon eyes on a unicorn cake

3. Rainbow unicorn cake

This cake is truly magical and will surprise your guests. Each layer of the cake is available in the colors of the rainbow. 

Here is our article: "How to make a unicorn cake with rainbow layers"

Rainbow unicorn cake

4. Unicorn cake with rainbow hair

This fun unicorn cake idea comes from Pinterest - all it takes is a simple white cake and strands of multicolored fondant “hair” that you simply drop on the cake. A silver horn, cute little unicorn ears, and a few peaks with stars complete this magical look.

unicorn cake with beautiful hair on the cake

5. A magical unicorn cake

This blogger is capable of creating colorful and fun cakes. She also offers cookies with surprises inside. The cake below is one of his specialties. She plays a lot with the colors of the cookie.

unicorn cake with many colors

6. Easy decoration with candy

This recipe cleverly replaces the icing and pastry bags with candies and other treats to decorate the cake. For example, the mane is made from strips of candy.

make a unicorn cake with candy as decoration

7. A kawaii unicorn cake

Once again this blogger makes an original cake since it entirely takes the shape of a unicorn. Pink and pastel colors. To eat!

unicorn cake in the shape of a unicorn with its body and its pasta

8. Cute Happy Unicorn Cake

We found this cake on pinterest. The mane is pretty and her face is all smiles. The horn and ears are identical to many of our tutorials on our site.

rainbow and smile unicorn cake

9. Cake with a long rainbow mane

This cake created for a birthday takes the form of a wedding cake. The unicorn is in the form of a design or sculpture on the cake. Its height makes it possible to achieve long rainbow hair.

unicorn cake

10. Unicorn Emoji Cake

If you are looking to recreate the unicorn emoji as a cake, then this is the tutorial for you! Thank you for Zoe's Fancy Cakes for the big step by step.

emoji unicorn head cake

11. Perfect roses for the unicorn's mane

Piped roses look fantastic and are the perfect choice for unicorn hair on your cake. You can see how to make them with this buttercream rose tutorial - you never know when it might come in handy, as it's especially awesome for selling cakes or party birthday cupcakes!

12. Rounded cake and multi-colored horn

This Sugar Geek Show unicorn cake features a rounded top, clean white ganache, marbled unicorn horn, and delicious buttery mane - not to mention those amazing lashes!

13. Roses in multi-color decoration

Another fantastic example is Rosie's Dessert Spot which uses multi-colored roses for an enchanting mane.

14. Unicorn Cupcake

These cupcakes, as can be seen on Party delights, can be enjoyed at any unicorn birthday party - even if they're almost too good to eat!

unicorn cupcake recipe

15. Unicorn Horn Cupcake Recipe

Dress up the simplest of cupcakes with this swirling buttercream and unicorn horn, complete with Cupcake Recepten's full instructions (page is in Dutch, but translates well to French).
 pastel colors unicorn cupcake and unicorn horn

16. Unicorn cupcake in an ice cream cone

Kids (and adults) will love these unicorn cupcake cones from My Heavenly Recipes - they're great for parties, bake sales, or just for a weekend getaway!

unicorn cupcake in an ice cream cone

We are coming to the end of this article. Hoping to have given you ideas for cakes to make for your little girl! All you have to do is enjoy yourself as a family.


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