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How to make a paper unicorn

by Maxime Blanchemin on Aug 20, 2019

2 paper unicorns cut out and colored and folded

Make a paper unicorn. Find our model to print and cut.

Need a cute little unicorn on your desk during work? Now you can have this unicorn to keep you company. Cutting is super easy and you can color with your favorite rainbow colors.

We found out how to make this paper unicorn thanks to drawsocute.com. Here is our tutorial in French to make your job easier.

Download the template below and follow the video to create this super cute unicorn doll.

easy paper unicorn cutting tutorial


here is video which explains all the steps well.

Find below a second example of rainbow coloring of the paper unicorn.

 unicorn pajamas

Discover theorigami unicorn

Unicorn origami is also a form of unicorn DIY but this time you start with a blank sheet of paper and need to fold it to form a unicorn. 

Steps how to make a paper unicorn

So you like unicorns? Have fun making this unicorn paper doll easily step by step. Fun crafts using materials you already have at home! Perfect for a children's party or birthday.

Unicorn paper material

  • Bristol type card stock
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick or glue gun
  • Stapler or tape
  • Markers or pencils for coloring and decorating

Step 1: Color the hair and the horn of the magic animal

Coloring of the hair in rainbow color and the horn of the mythical animal

The rainbow colors (blue, purple, yellow, orange, red ...) are just one example. You can also color the mane. Finally, the horn in orange.


Step 2: Color the eyes, ears, hooves and tail

color coloring for the unicorn in paper paws, ears, eyes

For the colors we offer the clogs in pink, a turquoise reflection at the bottom of the eyes, the inside of the ears with a gradient of pink. The tail in yellow, light blue and dark pink.

Tips: the heart in pink, a light pale pink on the cheeks for a kawaii effect.


Step 3: Decorations with hearts and circles

draw hearts and circles around the unicorn for decoration

 You can improvise several patterns. We offer you hearts and circles to color according to your tastes. Do not hesitate to the contrasts between yellow, blue, red ...


Step 4: Black lines to finish the drawing of the unicorn

Iron a black marker for the drawing of the unicorn's mane

Iron with a fine black felt on the curves of hair and corne of the unicorn. Indeed, coloring can reduce the marking of lines. The passage of a black pencil will bring out the color contrasts.


iron the black felt on the unicorn paper on the tail and paws

Then iron the unicorn's tail and hooves with black. Another tip: add a line on the yellow and blue of the tail.


Step 5: Cut out the sheet of paper following the drawing

Cut the sheet of paper with scissors following the drawing of the kawaii unicorn

Take your scissors and carefully cut out the sheet of paper following the drawing.


The paper unicorn is cut out 


Step 6: Fold the unicorn paper

fold the unicorn paper back at both ends

Take both sides and lay them one on top of the other.


We fix both ends with tape

Here we secure the back of the unicorn with a piece of tape.


Second unicorn coloring example

example of coloring paper unicorn with rainbow colors

This image shows another choice of coloring the paper unicorn. First, draw a cloud and stars. Pass blue on the lines of the cloud. Draw fine lines for the rainbow then color it.


Here are two kawaii unicorns in finished paper 

The page in English: 

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