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Easy Unicorn Cake

by Maxime Blanchemin on September 16, 2019

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Unicorn buttercream cakes have become very fashionable, causing hysteria wherever they magically appear. But you would be amazed how easy they are to make.

To achieve this beauty, all you need to do is mold a few easy pieces of fondant, basic buttercream, and add some magic to it with the addition of a few cakes and candies.

Here is our source on mybluprint.com

Materials and tools

  • Cake covered with buttercream
  • Polystyrene shapes for pastry
  • Wooden toothpick or skewer
  • Caramel, white, pastel and black fondant
  • Golden edible paint
  • Pink buttercream
  • Nozzle for poaching roses (here, the 855 from Ateco)
  • Pastry bags
  • Large rose petal cookie cutter
  • Roller to spread for the fondant
  • Edible glue
  • Food brushes
  • Sweets, cookies, macaroons, meringues, etc.
  • Edible flakes


    1. Make the unicorn horn

    Insert pick in a styrofoam shape

    Poke a toothpick into a styrofoam shape, to help you determine the height.

    wrap a caramel cord for the horn

    Roll a thin rope with the caramel-colored fondant and wrap it around the toothpick to the top.


    Paint with golden paint

    Then paint your horn with the gold paint. Of course, you can go for another color if you want, for example silver, pink or even a rainbow striped pattern.


    2. Make the ears

    use the cutters

    Spread a little white and pastel-colored fondant (here almond green). Cut out two ears from the white fondant with the rose petal cookie cutters.

    Then cut two smaller shapes for the inside of the ears from the pastel-colored fondant.


    pinch the center of the ear and place them in egg cartons

    Use a veining tool to draw the center of the ears. Pinch the end and then the ears then place them on an egg carton style cardboard box.


    3. Make the eyes

    image pinch 2 sausages to form the eyes

    Roll two thin strands of black fondant. Pinch them each in the middle and fold them to form a V. Leave them aside so that they firm a little before placing them on the cake.


    4. Straighten the mane

    rosettes made with the piping bag for the unicorn mane

    Fill a pastry bag fitted with the nozzle for the roses with the pink buttercream.

    Spread simple buttercream rosettes around the edge of the cake and down one side of the cake. If you later want to add cookies or macaroons, be sure to leave some room for these items.


    5. Add the glitter

    add small sprinkles on the unicorn cake

    Now is the time to add some eye candy! We have used little white sugar stars here for a star themed unicorn cake topper, but you are free to use rainbow confetti, or any other shapes or colors. You can also sprinkle with edible sprinkles.


    6. Add the horn

    The horn is laid on the unicorn cake


    Place your toothpick and horn in the center of the cake, pressing down a little. If your horn has had enough time to firm up, you can just fix it with a little buttercream without the toothpick.


    7. Stack the treats

    the beautiful unicorn cake is finished

    After adding the ears and eyes, it's time to give everything on the decoration: swirl lollipops, edible sprinkles, candies, chocolate truffles, decorated macaroons or cookies, let your desires run wild.

    Here we put vanilla macaroons with almond green buttercream, and gold painted star shaped cookies on our own.


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