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Cute unicorn image: the most beautiful photos of little unicorns

by Marion-Robert on Aug 25, 2019

unicorn cute pink drawing picture

No one can resist the beauty of the unicorn. All unicorn related accessories from unicorn pajamas and accessories to unicorn gifts are irrefutable proof of the passion of unicorn lovers all over the world. This white horned animal gives a magical atmosphere and a childish atmosphere. Colors often associated with unicorns like white, pink, and rainbow all contribute to this. 

Images to see and review. The themes are diverse around the unicorn but in this article we will discuss the child and cute side of the unicorn: pink or small unicorn, kawaii style, rainbow or dreamy.

Cute Unicorn Pictures: The Pink Unicorn

The pink and the unicorn go perfectly together. Pink is the ultimate color when it comes to purity and softness. When the unicorn is paired with this color, the result is the irresistibly cute look that can make any unicorn endearing. Pink horn, pink mane, pink cheek, and even a pink tail are the most prominent features of a pink unicorn. Just like the photos we show you below:

 Drawing image unicorn on pink background she flies

A unicorn flies in the sky in a pink background. An atmosphere typical of this universe.

 unicorn plush

cute unicorn image with pink hair sitting

Beautiful wavy pink hair! A sparkling horn, like a crown, only adds a feminine and princess atmosphere. We can talk about kawaii style.

Mini unicorn image drawing all pink
A baby unicorn all pink.
romantic pink unicorn head photo
This very feminine unicorn looks like a sleeping princess with gorgeous pink hair. She was surrounded by beautiful flowers around her neck. A sweet and elegant image of the unicorn.

 Images of many pink unicorns pink soft toys

The unicorn mania is present in this photo. Whether it is the body or the horn, pink is the dominant color.

Image of a mini pony drawing

Its horn is well hidden for this unicorn. She stands out with her mane, tail and bright pink eyes. Glorious, teary eyes seem to speak to us.

Unicorn Pictures: Kawaii Style 

 cute flying kawaii unicorn picture

This unicorn can be identified as kawaii. She's mini, cute with simple drawing strokes. Pink softens the animal.

Kawaii unicorn with a rainbow horn

A typical kawaii unicorn head design with big eyes.

Cute kawaii rainbow unicorn drawing image 

A perfect image of kawaii style: petite, cute, big eyes, pastel rainbow colors.

Unicorn Image: Pegasus

Photos A pink pegasus unicorn flying 
If your image contains wings, it is no longer a unicorn but a pegasus. Moreover, this one has no horn.

Image of a drawing of a baby unicorn or pegase with rainbow colors

Unicorn or Pegasus? This animal has wings. So it will be pegasus. A baby with a unique mane.

Unicorn Pictures: Rainbow Theme

Photo of 2 unicorn toys with rainbow colors

All the colors of the rainbow are present for these 2 unicorn figurines.

Photo amigurumi unicorn with rainbow mane and tail

This plush unicorn is quite original. This an amigurumi crochet with beautiful rainbow colors.

Rainbow smile unicorn drawing image

drawing Beautiful unicorn in front of a castle and a rainbow

We all believe in the magic of rainbow unicorns. Visit our blog for more beautiful unicorn photos and inspiring unicorn stories. See you soon in more fun unicorn articles.


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