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4 Ideas for Free Unicorn Games

by Maxime Blanchemin on Aug 23, 2019

Free unicorn games Unicorn Attack

Real, mythical creatures or cute ponies with a horn that fly among the rainbows? It doesn't matter how you see or perceive the unicorn. Children love unicorn games and there are a lot of them on the internet. While doing my research, I got caught up in the games. It can get addicting. Whether you are legitimately interested in unicorns or are just looking to have fun while sitting in a waiting room or in bed, unicorn games are some of the funniest challenges out there.

How to choose and find the best unicorn games online ? and free ? Here is our selection.

unicorn free video games for girls

Unicorn Games for Girls

unicorn plush

Public chat GirlsGoGames.com, there are four very popular unicorn games for girls. As you can probably tell, Girls Go Games specializes in delivering online games that appeal to girls.

list of 30 English unicorns or unicorns games

Their selection of unicorn games is a lot of fun. They have 30 unicorn themed games. My advice : type 'Unicorn' in the search bar of the site.

  • My Adorable Unicorn : You have to equip the unicorn and take care of it because it will do obstacle courses and earn coins. It's addicting and we always want to take it to the next level.
  • Unicorn dress up : What could be better than dressing dolls in the outfit of your choice and accessorizing them to your heart's content? Dress up the unicorns! Add some bling to this horn and really make your unicorn shine.
  • My Baby Unicorn : This online unicorn game is fun and full of anticipation. This is because you are trying to keep your baby unicorn healthy and happy.
  • Fantasy filly : A slightly different version of the Unicorn dress. The color combinations are different but, again, you decide which color. It's up to you to design your own unicorn! For all pegasus lovers, they also have wings.

Unicorn Games for Boys

Then there are the specific unicorn games for boys. Yes boys and girls are different and this is the reason why these games are designed for boys. You will have your own opinion on which choice is best for your child. You must, however, give credit to these game developers. It's hard to make an interesting unicorn game for boys… those did!

  • Death unicorn : Don't worry… the game isn't as bad as the name suggests. Here is the story that accompanies this game: unicorns exist! Impressive. However, not all unicorns are cool creatures. This game is therefore more suitable for adolescents. Defend his unicorns or destroy the bad guys.
  • Robot Unicorn Attack, Evolution : A nice start. The unicorn is cute and sweet ... until you find out it's a robotic unicorn. Get out of there quickly. Go as fast as you can. Walk away with your unicorn robot.
  • Robot Unicorn Attack 2 is available on theApple Store (free download): Choose between Team Rainbow and Team Hell. There are two worlds at war, the world of rainbows and harmony as well as the world of ice and wonder. You have to build and customize your unicorn: body, manes, wings, horns, tails and much more ...

Unicorn Attack 2 games for boys 

As you can see unicorn games for boys and girls have different style levels. Your turn to judge. Who can say that a boy cannot like one of the girls games and vice versa? "To each their own unicorn". The most important thing is to choose suitable for your age.

Discover the game Unicorn Dash

Sometimes games can be quite addictive. This is what the Unicorn Dash game has done on thousands of Android and Apple devices around the world. It's simple, but so addicting!

Unicorn Games Unicorn Dash
In Unicorn dash, you operate a beautiful Unicorn which "passes" from one magnificent forest platform to another. The unicorn crosses universes. If you misjudge the speed, you fall. You have to jump through objects and avoid cacti. this in order to increase your score. Challenge your friends in this candy universe. You have been warned: you may find yourself not seeing the passage of time. Unicorn Dash is available for free download from Google Play, the Apple store, or many online platforms on the Internet.

Unicorn Games for Adults

There are fewer choices for adult video games. You can actually put all of the games we have talked about before in the adult category because, in reality, we are all kids when it comes to playing games. 

adult unicorn games The Last Winged Unicorn.
However, if we had to choose one, we should choose The Last Winged Unicorn. A beautiful winged white unicorn is lost in a dangerous land full of abysses and obstacles. He's a magical horse, so he has three lives before it's really over. He needs your help to make it to the end safe and sound. All you have to do is press the Z key on your keyboard to jump once and press twice for a double jump. Press the X key to use the super powerful weapon and destroy the totems in front of him. Click the pause button if you need a break and enjoy the great graphics and great background music and sounds.

This is our best choice among unicorn games online that will appeal to young, old, boys and girls.

Note that the games are in English but easy to understand.


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