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Black unicorn: traditional meanings and symbolism in our culture today.

by Maxime Blanchemin on Aug 27, 2019

black unicorn drawing picture

Our traditional image of the mythical beast is that of a white horse carrying a black horn in the middle of its head. So let's not rule out the black unicorn, because if it is not present in mythological accounts or in current culture, it does appear from time to time. The unicorn is in Deckard's dream in Blade Runner.

Blade runner black unicorn figure
Image black unicorn in Blade Runner

Understanding the traditional meaning and symbolism while learning how it is used in modern culture today can help paint a more favorable picture of the black creature. It also explains why this animal is not referenced as often as a white unicorn.

Traditional meaning of a unicorn

To understand the meanings and traditional symbolism of a black unicorn, it is first necessary to understand the meaning of the unicorn in general. A black unicorn adds an overlaid layer to the primary meaning. But the underlying definition is still present.

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In traditional, Judeo-Christian Europe, the visualization of a unicorn in a dream means that the dreamer is in danger of being deceived soon. If the dreamer sees himself / herself walking with a unicorn, the person is likely to have an uncertain experience on a physical or emotional level, while riding a unicorn symbolizes the good fortune of events to come.

unicorn head drawingBlack unicorn head logo

In Hinduism, if one follows a unicorn and the beast seems to offer help, it symbolizes that an unexpected person is going to offer help to cope with a difficult situation in life. In Arab cultures, seeing a unicorn is a great joy. Seeing the unicorn in a garden means that a new stage in life is coming. Nevertheless, if a unicorn attacks the dreamer, it means that a moment of doom is approaching.

What is the difference with the black unicorn?

The dream of a white unicorn is almost always a good omen and a desirable image to see. A white unicorn offers help and is a sturdy and strong animal that can help other friends and family members who are not present. A white unicorn is the symbol of purity.

Although a black unicorn does not necessarily mean unclean, it symbolizes strength and power and it can lead someone towards their goals, as a black unicorn can overcome obstacles and lead to a powerful and desirable life.

Black unicorns in pop culture

The Black Unicorn (original title : The Black Unicornis also the title of a novel by Terry Brooks. This novel is part of Landover's Magic Kingdom series and is the second novel. The book is about the appearance of a black unicorn. It is a mysterious black unicorn who leaves the fairy world to enter the kingdom of Landover. She offers her help when the kingdom is under attack. The hero, with the help of the black unicorn, is able to offer the necessary strength and power to fight against the plagues of darkness that threaten the kingdom.

Black Unicorn Terry Brooks Bookbook the black unicorn by Tanith Lee

The black unicorn by Terry Brooks and Tanith Lee

Bennett Martellus, a Chicago Bears player, once called himself a "black unicorn".

The Black Unicorn is a character from Mobile Suit Gundam, a Japanese animated series. Although this is not a horse with a lone horn, rather it is a fighting character who presents himself as such, his armor is black and he has a long crown of horses. , all of which are overflowing with gold.
In music, the most common song that features black unicorns is 2 Chainz's song “Black Unicorn”. One of the lyrics of the song reads "And here you are, a black unicorn, mythical, mystical, since the day you were born."

The Black Unicorn is a book written by Tanith Lee. The story is that of Tanaquil, a young girl, who unearths strange bones from the desert. They are those of a unicorn.

Black Unicorn Cake

We're all familiar with the unicorn cake craze. The colors are often pink and rainbow for decoration. The example below shows the growing imagination around the unicorn.
black unicorn cake
A beautiful black unicorn cake


The black unicorn is used on objects

black unicorn iphone cophe Black unicorn head on a t shirt black unicorn figurine

Phone case, T-shirt, figurine with a black unicorn head


Statue of a black unicorn
Statuette of a black unicorn.


black unicorn plushSoft toy black unicorn little pony 
Black unicorn soft toys

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