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Photo of Real Unicorns

by Maxime Blanchemin on October 09, 2019

pictures of real unicorns

A collection of photos of unicorns throughout history

picture of a real white unicorn
The unicorn has gone down in legend as one of the most mysterious and divine creatures. Unicorn stories continue over and over again in the Bible and in accounts from the Middle Ages. Is there anything true about this or are they all the product of human desire and imagination? While science cannot yet give us a satisfactory answer about the unicorn, what we have now is certainly an accurate view of the unicorn through thousands of years of history. 

How have images of real unicorns evolved over time? 

unicorn dress
Pictures of real unicorns 1: The unicorn in the Bible

The unicorn has been mentioned nine times in the King James version of the Bible. However, the "unicorn" in the original Hebrew biblical text was "re'em", which probably meant a wild ox with a horn. After many translations, from Hebrew to Greek, from Greek to Latin and finally to English, "re'em" was translated several times and became unicorn. They only use the word "unicorn" to refer to a single horn animal. However, we call it the fairy unicorn which looks like a white horse with a horn on its head.
real unicorn bible photo
Representation of a unicorn in the Bible. They are somehow similar to our imagination, but with a much larger horn.

picture of a real unicorn

Some have said that it is the unicorn that the Hebrew Bible mentioned. Not as beautiful as we imagine, is it? It is actually the Siberian Unicorn, a real animal that existed around 29000 years ago. Scientists found his fossil in Kazakhstan. This is the closest to what humans can find that looks like the "one-horned" creature in the Bible.


Real Unicorn Pictures 2: The Unicorn in Medieval Times

There are tons of documents on unicorn hunting during the Middle Ages. People already knew about the magical healing power of the unicorn horn and used it as an effective antidote against the incurable poison. This is proof of what it looks like:
real middle age unicorn photo

The unicorn looks more like a dog with a single horn than a horse. He has a lot of hair on his head and neck and a very wide horn for his height.

The most famous document that we have found in the Middle Ages on the unicorn must be the Unicorn Tapestries, woven in Brussels towards the end of the XNUMXth century, the beginning of the XNUMXth century. The captive unicorn is part of this well-known masterpiece:
real white unicorn photo

Apparently it looks slightly different from the picture above which looks more like a dog. This unicorn look is similar to a goat and closer to the body of a horse that we all think of.

These representations vary enormously and it is difficult to say that they are all the same type of "unicorn". Nonetheless, there is one significant common feature in all of these models, and that is the unusually long lug. The unicorn in our thought often has a cute little horn with the conical shape, the real unicorn horn that we haven't seen could be as sharp as the spear.


Pictures of real unicorns 3: The image of the unicorn in today's life

Nowadays, we don't see unicorns anymore. There is no scientific proof yet that they will step out of their comfort zone and appear before us in the near future. However, humans know how to satisfy their imaginations by creating beautiful images of the unicorn. Let's go over the gorgeous unicorn images we all hope to see someday:

real galloping unicorn photo

real cute white unicorn photo

photo of a real beautiful unicorn

real unicorn picture

A few are supposed to be real unicorns. Are they real or is it just a photoshop product or just a horse with an artificial horn? Either way, these pictures are the most real visualization of unicorns that man can do. It is also as close as possible to the unicorn of our dream. Hopefully, at last, with our own eyes, one of us can see the real real unicorn and tell others about this miraculous experience.

Hope you have a good time with all these photos of real unicorns. Are you interested in all things unicorns? More surprising facts, fun stories, and inspiring unicorn ideas can be found here.


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