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What name for your Plush Unicorn?

by Maxime Blanchemin on September 28, 2019

unicorn soft toy with a word love

If you are looking for the perfect name for your unicorn, whether male or female, our list just might have the perfect name for you!

Give a plush unicorn

Children can become very attached to a soft toy that they have received from a particular person. Giving a plush unicorn gives them something to remember about you, and that in itself is something special.

Take pleasure in theallow your child to choose it alone. You could go to any toy store or take the time to look at the models on line. The latter will not only allow the child to completely personalize his unicorn plush, but it will also tie it to the memories of the time you spent together making it!

The choice will be made according to its use: decoration, sleep, hugs or tidy up your blanket. For baby or mom?

For decoration, you can choose all styles: giant, shiny, amigurumi, dressy. The choice of unicorn plush toys is so vast. The first location is, naturally, the baby's bedroom or playroom.

sequin unicorn plush headSequin unicorn plushPlush unicorn ty sequins 

Plush Unicorns Sequins

For parents, it will be more of a soft toy with an integrated blanket that will transform into a pillow and a blanket for nap time. Did we forget to find a first name for him here?

unicorn plush with blanket Unicorn plush lying down with a blanket White unicorn soft toy with blanket

Unicorn Soft Toys with Blankets

For games, a luminous plush or magic will be perfect. Soft toys can sing, dance and serve as night lights.

The best gift will be a unicorn soft toy that has become the doudou baby official.

black unicorn plush Luminous unicorn plush plush unicorn walking

3 unicorn soft toys: Unicorn soft toy black, bright ou Walk and Talk

The name of your plush unicorn

The choice of names for teddy bears is always very important, at least for the child. Printing an official birth certificate on the computer is also a great idea.

When it comes to coming up with soft toy names, kids aren't used to taking a lot of time; it's as if the unicorn told them their name! But in case your child needs a little help, here are some quick tips to help them.

Always let the child choose the name of the plush unicorn.

Offer suggestions (like the names of characters from their favorite show) if your child is having difficulty.
Describe the unicorn to your child to help them come up with ideas.
Have your child write down or verbally express everything they love about their new plush unicorn.

Fun ways to choose a name

There are so many cute plush unicorn names out there that it shouldn't be surprising that your child doesn't want to settle for just one.

It is normal and normal to be indecisive, but it is also important to take this opportunity to teach your child how to make a decision when the choices are difficult. After all, not all of life's choices will be easy to make, and sometimes you just have to find a way to make the decision!

Here are some ways to make a kid-friendly decision:

  • Draw in a hat : Have your child choose their favorite names and write them on sheets of paper, then put them all in a hat. He'll shoot the name in the hat.
  • Name matching game : Cut out squares of paper and write the names your child likes on separate pieces, but make two squares for each name. Then drop them with the writing turned over. Have the child turn over two. The first time 2 cards match with the same name, it will become the name of the plush! Prepare yourself in advance when he throws the first card, for example "Teddy", and he says "Will the name be Teddy ...?".
  • À heads or tails : If there are only two names, this one can work very well! Alize is tails, and Teddy is tails.

Now that you have some ideas for names and how to help your child find them, which name will he choose? You never know what will come out of babies' mouths!

Unicorn name ideas

If your child would like to have some teddy bear name ideas, feel free to choose some from this list to share:

Adiana: The fiery
Alairia: The merry one
Alanala: Beautiful and beautiful
Albany: Fair of the face
Aletha: The Real
Alize: The one who seduces
Allena: peaceful and attractive
Amandaria: The Mighty
Amara: The Eternal
Andra: strong and courageous
Angelina: The Angelica
Annamika: Full of grace
Astra: Shining like a star
Bennettia: Little blessed
Bellini: Simply beautiful
Benicia: The Blessed One
Biancha: White power
Blissia: A perfect joy
Boaz: Fast and strong
Bonita: The pretty one
Breanna: Pure and virtuous
Bryanne: The strongest
Celina: From the moon
Celestia: Stars
Clementine: The Sweet

Cortesia: The daring
Danika: Morning star
Della: The Noble
Demetrius: Lover of the Earth
Denali: The big one
Dessa: The Roamer
Deva: Celestial Spirit
Drisana: Child of the Sun
Dulcea: The Sweet
Duscha: Divine Spirit
Electra: The Shining one
Elita: The Chosen One
Etana: Full of determination
Eternia: Eternal friend
Evania: Always quiet
Faith: Trustworthy
Felicia: Happiness always
Fenella: The Just
Fernaco: The daring
Estrellita: Little star
Fleta: The Swift
Floriana: Prosperous
Gerda: The protector
Giulio: Still young
Gratiana: The gracious

Grizelda: unfailing patience
Gwynth: The lucky one
Hyacinthia: Scented heat
Hylzarie: Moon Lover
Ira: The most vigilant
Iram: Shine brightly
Jada: Full of wisdom
Julius: The young one
Langaria: The big one
Laqueta: The one who is silent
Larissa: The happy one
Leila: The Loyal
Lunaria: From the moon
Marcello: Courageous and fearless
Marjallo: The brave one
Matia: Powerful
Cute: Delicate and graceful
Moriba: Knowledge Seeker
Mystical: Full of mystery
Necia: The intense
Nestor: seeker of wisdom
Placido: peace and quiet
Primara: The protector
Samantha: The listener
Serenity: Peaceful disposition

Shakti: Divine
Shanna: Small and wise
Sheehan: Peacemaker
Simona: The one who hears
Solange: The lonely
Tacita: The Silent
Tomo: The intelligent one
Tama: The perfect one
Speranza: The Hope
Combustion: Full of light
Suki: Beloved
Titanius: Friend of the fairies
Valeria: Strong and healthy
Vartouhi: As beautiful as a rose
Wilda: The Untamed
Xaveria: The brightest
Xenia: The Hospitable
Zinnia: The designer
Zulema: healthy and vigorous
Yaser: Friendly
Yasmin: Always fragrant
Yennaria: The placid
Yoriara: The reliable one
Yashiana: The shy one
Virgil: The Strong

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