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TOP 12 best gift ideas about unicorns for Christmas

by Alexandre Figueira Da Silva on November 14, 2023

top 12 unicorn Christmas gift ideas

The period of Christmas approximate. Are you looking for gift ideas for a girl who loves unicorns ? You are in the right place ! We will see the 12 best gift ideas on the unicorn theme for Christmas 2023. On the program are toys but also clothes. The complete set of magical unicorns to please.

1. The unicorn plush toy

unicorn plush

How to talk about unicorn-themed Christmas gifts without starting with them unicorn soft toys ? This is necessarily the first idea that comes to mind when we talk about gifts. Give your child a white or pink unicorn soft toy to please them. It is quite simply the best gift idea because it is suitable for all ages and depending on the soft toy you choose, it may be suitable for a girl from 3 to 12 years old depending on the reason. Opt for one giant plush toy for doudou Soft.

Budget : the 20 to 60

2. Unicorn pajamas

unicorn pajamas

If you are looking for the perfect gift for your daughter this Christmas, consider unicorn pajamas. Nothing like seeing her slip into a comfortable unicorn pajamas to spend nights magic. These adorable sleepwear sets bring a touch of fair at each bedtime. It exists in the form of a suit for intense comfort. Offer a unicorn pajamas, it guarantees your daughter enchanted dreams under the stars during the holiday season. Whether it's a cozy Christmas evening with the family or cozy nights in throughout the winter, these pajamas will add a dose of magic every moment spent in bed. It's the perfect gift to warm your daughter's heart and give her unforgettable memories during the holidays.

Budgetof 30 to 50

3. The unicorn night light lamp

unicorn lamp

Let's move on to gift ideas for your daughter's room now. Opt for one unicorn night light lamp. This adorable lamp brings a touch of magic every night. With its soft lighting, it creates a comforting atmosphere and transforms your room into a haven of dream. This LED night light features multiple colors like blue and red, making it a beautiful decoration. Give him peaceful nights, lulled by enchanted dreams. Whether for the holidays or all year round, this night light will warm your child's heart with its soft glow.

Budgetof 20 to 40

4. Unicorn slippers

unicorn slippers

Who says Christmas says winter, and in winter it is cold! This is where the unicorn slippers. They keep your feet warm on cold winter evenings, all in style. A pair of unicorn slippers pink fur will definitely please your daughter or niece. Complete the look with a beautiful unicorn pajamas jumpsuit and you have the complete outfit. For dad, take some unicorn slippers for men, he will definitely laugh.

Budget of 15 to 30

5. The unicorn duvet cover

unicorn duvet cover

Let's go back to decorating the bedroom. For peaceful nights, the unicorn duvet cover is perfect. Little girls love having a beautiful bedding set printed with a rainbow unicorn. We feel so good with bedding based on our passion. We offer duvet covers for single beds as well as double beds.

Budget of 50 to 80

6. The unicorn jumpsuit

unicorn jumpsuit

La unicorn jumpsuit is also considered pajamas, but it is in the form of a jumpsuit that it makes a best gift for the holidays. Your daughter will be able to wrap herself in it thanks to its material comfortable and stay at home quietly and warm.

Budget of 30 to 50

7. The unicorn dress

unicorn dress

La unicorn dress is simply the cutest unicorn clothing you can give to your daughter or niece. A mix of disguise er clothing for your child. Our dresses come with a small multicolor tutu skirt to take the form of a princess dress. Some come with accessories like a headband.

Budget of 20 to 50

8. The unicorn bathrobe

unicorn bathrobe

This time, we are talking about a original gift. A gift that not everyone would have thought of. A unicorn bathrobe. This is a good idea because they are comfortable and have beautiful colors which remind us of unicorns. After a nice bath, put on your magnificent multicolored unicorn bathrobe.

Budget of 40 to 50

9. The unicorn watch

unicorn watch

Here we talk about jewelry. A gift that is not only pretty but also pedagogic with the unicorn watch. Several models are available. We have some with hands to teach your child to tell the time on a watch. Of course, all with unicorn patterns and very nice finishes.

Budget of 12 to 25

10. The unicorn piggy bank

unicorn piggy bank

Teach your children about saving with a unicorn piggy bank. This piggy bank adds a touch of magic with each savings. It encourages the habit of saving in a fun way. Your child will love putting their coins in this magic piggy bank which becomes an element of decoration in his room. Give them a fun way to learn about money management while adding a dose of fancy in his daily life. The unicorn piggy bank is the perfect gift to teach the value of money while creating enchanted memories.

Budget of 15 to 35

11. Unicorn earrings

unicorn earrings

Let's return to jewelry with unicorn earrings. All unicorn fans dream of a pair of unicorn-shaped earrings. For a gift, the choice is wide. Color money ou or, made according to the preferences of your daughter or your niece. A pair of earrings is one of the favorite unicorn-themed gifts.

Budget of 15 to 30

12. The unicorn mug

unicorn mug

So that your daughter's day starts with a dose of fancy, give him a unicorn mug. The unicorn mug is the ideal gift to bring a touch of joy with every drink and to add a magical note to their daily routine. Evening hot chocolate turns into a real moment of happiness. Even more so if drunk in unicorn pajamas. We have pretty cups with unicorn drawings which will please the children.

Budget of 15 to 30

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