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by Maxime Blanchemin on September 28, 2019

luminous unicorn plush

The best way to find a unicorn soft toy is to watch it on video. Here is our selection of your favorite soft toys in video.

The universe of unicorn plush toys is vast, especially if you want to discover fun videos.  

Evil Unicorn Plush Video

Don't be afraid! Here is a stuffed animal that can get nasty. Just press on the back of his head and see his angel face go into little monster.

scary unicorn plush

Find a video where we see several scary soft toys.

Illuminated Unicorn Plush

A night light can help baby fall asleep. A unicorn plush light is the perfect toy for this. There are several bright and very pretty soft toys.

luminous unicorn plush

Illuminated Unicorn Plush

This video demonstrates the use of a luminous unicorn plush toy.


elongated luminous unicorn plush

Elongated luminous unicorn plush 

Crochet Unicorn Plush Video

Many Amigurumi unicorn tutorials are available. These plush toys are all cute and are a way to learn about crochet techniques.crochet unicorn plush

Crochet Unicorn Plush

Giant Unicorn Plush

A giant unicorn plush can be 1,2 meters in length. We love these big plush toys for big hugs. Big jumbo unicorn soft toys

Jumbo Unicorn Plush



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