Crochet Unicorn Amigurumis Plush Toys

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  • Crochet Unicorn Plush

    We love them unicorn amigurumis. This term comes to us once again from Japan and refers to the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small animals and anthropomorphic creatures. The Amigurumi are entirely part of the kawaii culture. Amigurumi were originally used as soft toys or dolls, but are nowadays bought more for their decorative aspect. In fact, some of our mini unicorns hooks are real little works of art and they are all super cute. There is a lot of Kawaii and “fluffy” style of course, but there are other styles to discover. Our crochet unicorns are handmade. Placed on a shelf or on the changing table, they will be the final touch to your decoration.

    Crochet baby unicorn

    The unicorn is a very sought-after decorative element for a child's room. In addition to being a magnificent animal, his magical aura seems to be transmitted by his mere presence, reinforcing the cocoon side of the child's room, and we like to believe that the sleep of our little one will be populated by unicorns flying in the clouds, in the land of dreams and rainbows.

A unicorn.