Giant Unicorn Plush

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  • Big Unicorn Plush

    Some of our large unicorn soft toys are really XXL because they are almost as big as an adult! They will also make a very beautiful birth gift, both simple and spectacular. 

  • Big Unicorn soft toy for cuddling

    We love these soft toys that can make more than a meter. Those are big unicorn cuddly toys. You can cuddle them, decorate the bedroom or play with them. The happiest will always be a baby.

  • Giant plush as a cushion

    In line with Montessori pedagogy, many parents take pleasure in creating a relaxation area in the room of their child. This room will alternately serve as a reading corner, alone or with you, a place for an impromptu nap or simply to relax after a busy day. The key word of this relaxation area is of course comfort.

    It is easy to imagine a soft mattress or carpet, a profusion of cushions plump and soft as you want, and why not a tipi or a canopy over it to hide from prying eyes. Here again, the unicorn will be an ally of choice. Indeed, one of our magnificent giant unicorn soft toys will suffice to immediately give a cozy and warm impression. Your child will love to nestle against one of our big plush unicorns, use it as an ultra comfortable cushion or as a reassuring presence.

A unicorn.