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Girl's unicorn dresses fancy dress

unicorn outfit

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Girls Unicorn Bird Dress

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Unicorn costume dresses of all kinds

A diverse range of fancy dress dresses for babies and girls. There are for all tastes to be able to spoil your little princess as it should be.

Costume dresses with unique themes

Models suitable for all ages and corresponding to various precise and original themes are available to you in this large collection.

ceremonial dresses

If you are looking for a classy and dressy disguise, many ceremonial dresses are in the spotlight and we promise you will not lack inspiration to find the disguise dress of your dreams. We find various examples such as the sequin unicorn wedding dress, girl unicorn engagement dress, unicorn baptism dress, girl unicorn party dressor the lace unicorn wedding dress

Fun and casual dresses

For a fun and relaxed disguise, we offer you unusual costumes that will make you slip under the skin of the unicorn and other magical animals that all children love. For this, the pink butterfly unicorn dress, girls mermaid unicorn dress,la rodent unicorn costume dress or girl bird unicorn dress will be perfect!

Fanciful and magical dresses

But that's not all because outfits belonging to other universes are also present. For the world of dance discover the girls unicorn ballet dress or ballerina girl unicorn dress. For a more magical universe, we find the majestic and breathtaking magician girl unicorn dress which is a hit with all the little princesses. A maximum of brilliant ideas are therefore to be unearthed at Une Licorne!

Which model to choose?

What subjects are offered?

Materials such as silk, tulle, veiling, cotton or lace have been combined to design our models of fancy dress dresses. These have been carefully chosen to meet your expectations. In addition, complementary elements such as sequins, sequins, pearls and artificial floral ornaments or made with satin fabric are added to these different materials for an exceptional result. Other points also deserve to be raised. For the design of our dresses we wanted the colors to be diversified but the contrast between each different color to be studied. That the finish is extremely neat and that the sense of detail and the quality of the seams are seen and felt on each model offered. 

What styles are offered?

A variety of styles are available. From puffy princess dresses with a skater and voluminous cut to dresses with an asymmetrical base. To add a touch of sparkle and magic, fancy details such as ruffles on the shoulders or at the level of the petticoat adorn the dresses. Some models are also composed of several pieces and to do this, they are therefore accessorized. A pair of angel wings, a magic wand, a unicorn fairy mask or even a unicorn headband is included with the dress. What form a remarkable festive outfit.

What size unicorn costume dresses to choose?

Choosing a dress can seem complicated on an online store. the size guide simplifies this choice. Sizes for adults, children and infants are available. Each table shows the correspondence between international size references: UK, US, FR.