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Unicorn School Kits

Unicorn Donut Case

€9,90 EUR
  • Store your writing accessories with a school pencil case or unicorn pouch. Many unicorn backpacks and unicorn satchels go perfectly with our unicorn pencil cases. For a walk, a unicorn handbag will be perfect.
  • School kits for all uses

    A pencil case accompanies your child throughout the school year. We appreciate all original pencil cases such as a round, rectangular pencil case or even a transparent, shiny, plain or patterned pencil case. We are ready to equip young schoolchildren for back to school or children for art activities at home or small school supplies.  For pens, pencils, markers, erasers, compasses, sharpeners or pairs of scissors. Choose your kit according to its use. Find a case with 1 compartment, 2 compartments or tote. Zipped closure with zipper for more storage and functionality or with press buttons according to taste. Pencil cases with pockets are also a good idea for more storage. If your choice is an inconspicuous pencil case for a purse or small satchel, head for flat pouches that you can take with you anywhere.

  • The unicorn pencil case: the top of school supplies

    For girls, the colors available are mainly: pink, blue, pastel, purple or rainbow. For boys, different colors with brighter colors. The kawaii spirit is never far away for the start of the school year. Other animals and figures appear discreetly like the flamingo. Take advantage of finding notebooks, colored pencils or unicorn pens. Find large-format cases, perfect for storing your makeup, your change, papers or even accessories. Our materials are resistant such as polyester, plastic, nylon or imitation leather.