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Origami unicorn

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origami unicorn

Here are several unicorn origami paper folds.

L'origami is the art of paper folding. It is a Japanese tradition that has arrived in the West. This art is one of the oldest popular arts which actually has its source in China. The best known origami is the paper crane: “Anyone who folds a thousand paper cranes will have their wish come true. "

Find here unicorn origami tutorials and several topics around this activity.

 Origami unicorn

How to make an easy unicorn origami

If you are fascinated by the history and mythology of unicorns, making an origami unicorn can be a good way to explore your interest while developing your essential paper-folding skills. This simple origami unicorn Introduces the Rabbit Ear Fold and Inverted Fold, two concepts that will help prepare you to move from beginner-level models to more advanced origami creations.

unicorn pajamas

This easy origami unicorn was designed by Perry Bailey. It is based on the bull designed by George Rhodes, which first appeared in Samuel Randlett's The Art of Origami. Bailey designed the pattern for her daughter as an alternative to the more intricate origami unicorn patterns.

You can zoom, imprimer ou download this tutorial.

Origami unicorn by Irma Monsalve He Scribd


Here is the same model pictured below.

This design begins with a kite base. The base of the kite is a common form of origami used to start different types of origami models, including the traditional origami swan. To make a kite base, fold your paper in half diagonally. Unfold. Fold two of the opposite corners to reach the center crease. This creates a shape that looks like a side kite.


origami unicorn folding

Fold the top and bottom sides of the paper to meet the center crease once more.

unicorn paper folding

Unfold the folds you made in the last step. The next step in this project is to create two bunny ear pleats on either side of the widest part of the base of the wing. Rabbit ear pleats make what will eventually become the front legs of your origami unicorn.

folding unicorn paper ears

Fold the template in half along the center crease. Turn it over and make an inverted fold along the smaller end. This is the start of your unicorn's hind legs.

origami unicorn head folding

Make a second inverted fold to finish off the origami unicorn's hind legs.

second fold reverse unicorn paws paper

Make an inverted fold on the long, thin end of the paper. Position the fold so that it touches the front legs of the unicorn.

folding body unicorn paper

Make a second inverted fold to form the neck of the origami unicorn.

folding unicorn paper unicorn

Make an inverted fold to form the head of the unicorn.

finalize origami unicorn easy

Make a final back fold to adjust the angle of the unicorn's distinctive horn. The horn should protrude from the top of the unicorn's head. So here is a nice 3d unicorn origami.

Easy unicorn origami image


Origami Unicorn Simple

The video below shows another unicorn origami shape from 2 papers to create a colorful effect on the unicorn's horn and mane. This tutorial is easy to do.


Origami unicorn bookmark

This unicorn bookmark can be used on the corner of the page. This makes it original and above all you can personalize your origami with your personalized coloring.

origami unicorn bookmark image


Advanced Origami Unicorn

After you've mastered the Easy Origami Unicorn, you might want to try a more advanced version. John Montroll has created a realistic unicorn that is suitable for experienced paper folders. Diagrams for this model can be found in Montroll's book Mythological Creatures and the Chinese Zodiac in Origami. The folding steps are demonstrated in a two-part video.

Origami Unicorn Advanced Part 1

Origami unicorn Advanced Part 2


Origami Unicorn Head

Here is an adorable origami unicorn that you can make with your kids who love unicorns too! Indeed, this tutorial focuses on the head of the unicorn.


Materials needed to fold unicorn origami heads

  • Origami paper
  • Scissors
  • Black marker or felt
  • Colored pencils or colored markers


Step by step origami unicorn heads

Take a regular-sized sheet of paper and cut it into 4 equal squares. You can do this by folding the paper in half and then in half again. Then cut along those lines. Paper from now on is therefore a quarter of the size of a sheet of paper.

Fold your paper along the diagonals then open it.

fold the paper in 4


Bind off a point until it touches a crease.

origami unicorn head folding tip

Fold one side like this.

fold in 2 origami unicorn head

Fold the other side like this. (See the triangle? It's the start of a glorious horn!)

 origami head unicorn folding

Unfold both sides.
Unfold the fold made in step 3. It should now look like this: (you now have the ears!)

Fold your point down to the crease. (Now we have the bottom of the unicorn's face.)

 Fold the lower triangle as follows:

Now fold the triangle down like this. So here is the horn of the unicorn.

origami unicorn head horn

Fold the two side corners down like this. (We are going to make the unicorn face narrower).

origami unicorn head face

Turn it over.

And this is what it looks like from the front! (Don't forget to use markers and crayons to add magical unicorn details ...).

flip unicorn head paper folding 

Origami Unicorn Blade Runner

Want to make your own Blade Runner origami unicorn? Here's how... 

During the Blade Runner movie, Gaff (Edward James Olmos) makes subtle indirect comments on Deckard using unicorn origami.

Here's a how-to video to help you with your paper unicorn project. Follow the step-by-step guide on how to shape this legendary animal of such beauty it would put a smile on Harrison Ford's face. Or at least offer a reluctant smile.

 Below, a unicorn origami tutorial to print. This one allows you to make the origami from the movie Blade Runner.

Unicorn blade runner origami folding tutorial part 1

Unicorn blade runner origami folding tutorial part 2

 Unicorn blade runner origami folding tutorial part 3

Unicorn blade runner origami folding tutorial part 4


Origami unicorn printable

Here is another format of a DIY paper unicorn. This unicorn has cute paws and a big horn.

Origami unicorn printableorigami unicorn printable tutorialunicorn origami printable tutorial 

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