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Unicorn earrings

  • Discreet or extravagant, earrings can sublimate a face and become essential fashion accessories. This jewel brings elegance and a touch of femininity. The earrings set / unicorn necklace, the perfect duo.
  • Unicorn earrings for girls

    There are those who love a single pair of earrings or others who love to collect jewelry. The world of unicorns is so vast that every fashion trend is possible: unicorn pendant earring, unicorn child earring ... We offer several clasps: earrings, hoops, clips, sleepers or pendants. A birthday present for unicorn fans. For the colors, we keep the unicorn style with pink, white, purple and rainbow.

  • Adorn your ears according to your face

    Women's earrings are also the stars of the catwalks. We wear them for life or for a unique occasion. Wearing earrings is adopting a style and showing your personality. Nevertheless, let's remember some rules for wearing them. For example, for round faces, long, movable earrings are recommended, while more angular faces can play on volumes with circular jewelry. The color of your skin is also important. For fair skin, gold is recommended as well as the colors pink, blue or green. On the other hand, if you have a tanned or dark complexion, silver earrings and rose gold jewelry can highlight you.

  • Silver, Steel or Gold Unicorn Earrings

    From the most discreet to the most ostentatious, they have a unique place in our jewelry collection. Unicorn jewelry, especially earrings, can be found in many materials: brushed steel set with crystals, zirconium such as a diamond or shiny metal, yellow gold, solid sterling silver, gold steel, stainless steel, gold brass , imitation of precious stones. There are also pairs of asymmetrical earrings, with a tassel or a hanging pearl.