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Unicorn Brooches

Unicorn Party Brooch

€14,90 EUR

Black Unicorn Brooch

€14,90 EUR
  • This collection of brooches adds to our selection of unicorn jewelry. A universe high in style and color around the unicorn with necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and watches. A new selection of trendy brooches to appeal to both girls and women.
  • Why wear a brooch?

    Worn on your clothes, the brooch is a fashion accessory that brings a touch of glamor and originality to your look. This chic essential is making a comeback to add more style to your outfit. The Unicorn brooch lends itself to endless combinations with materials and colors that adapt to any occasion. It is a jewel that goes as well with a vintage look as with classic clothes such as a sweatshirt or jeans.

    How to wear a unicorn brooch?

    The unicorn brooch can be worn on an item of clothing, a bag, a headband or even a belt. It is a jewel that leaves room for creativity and which allows you to give a boost to your look. Fantasy, chic or girly, on your clothes, it brings a touch of daring and originality that can be appreciated in all seasons. The unicorn brooch is available in different models to adapt to the most classic styles to the most original. In particular, it is worn in many ways, each as trendy as the next. Geometric shapes, brooches with sequins or rhinestones ... the unicorn brooch is a must-have that brings an instant touch to your look.

    Several quality materials for all tastes

    The unicorn brooch is a safe bet for fans of chic, elegance and vintage. It becomes a modern accessory that goes with all outfits. The different types of metal, paint details, rhinestones and sequins make it possible to create original combinations. In addition to the use of the alloy, the modernization of the spindle also involves the use of new materials such as enamel or resin.