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Unicorn shoes

Adult unicorn shoes

€45,90 EUR

Child unicorn crocs

€24,90 EUR

Unicorn girl rain boots

from €47,90 EUR

Girl's unicorn boots

€32,90 EUR

Children's unicorn boots

from €30,90 EUR
  • All the streetwear trends with unicorn shoes! A complete line of shoes for babies, girls and women.
  • Extensive selection of unicorn shoes for girls

    For unicorn lovers, every detail counts, even the shoes! Unicorn boots can be fashionable and very comfortable. This magical animal is obviously very popular in children's shoes. At Une Licorne, we have done our best to find the most beautiful models for walking, running, playing or strolling.

    For gray days, unicorn girl rain boots will be perfect. To protect yourself from the cold, unicorn winter boots in girl sizes or ankle boots will be worn in style. During the summer season, girls unicorn sandals, moccasins or even flip-flops to keep the foot airy. In the end, there is something for all tastes and for all seasons. Without forgetting to complete his outfit with a unicorn sweater or sweatshirt. Girls white leggings, t-shirt and unicorn sneakers: this is the perfect outfit.

    unicorn sneakers for women

    And it's not just little girls who dream of a unicorn at their feet: moms too. This is why some of our models are offered in adult sizes, and we have looked for mixed, sportswear, sequined or embroidered colours. Find a collection of elegant or fancy shoes according to your style. Find all the styles. 

    For a casual style, women unicorn sneakers that recall the shape of the Converse or Vans brand remain a must. Discover low or high unicorn sneakers. Leather ankle boots or boots allow you to protect yourself by asserting your kawaii look. The unicorn goes with all outfits and will bring the little something extra to your style. Discover without delay our magnificent range with many models! Find your next models of low or high shoes, white sneakers, canvas sneakers, or sneakers... with a unicorn motif. 

    Unicorn moccasins for babies

    That's good, what could be cuter than a little baby's foot wearing a sneaker with a unicorn face? Unicorn baby shoes are the cutest: we have selected light pairs of shoes with laces or Velcro. We love moccasins. Indeed, they are easy to put on and remain flexible for toddlers. The leather aspect is appreciable and allows to bring a nice finish on the shoes.

    Without forgetting men's and boys' shoes

    The pair of blue sneakers "Licorne Girl Sneakers" can very well be worn by boys. In addition, several pairs of sneakers go up to 45 in order to also satisfy gentlemen.

  • Winter or summer, a choice that ranges from flip flops to unicorn rain boots

    For the summer season, we are pleased to offer several models of leather sandals, espadrilles and flip flops. The sandals are available in leather or silicone with reinforced soles. To take the path to the beach, the barefoot will be the most appreciated with their rainbow and unicorn patterns. Finally, moccasins are timeless with a dressier outfit. A favorite for the Baby Unicorn Moccasins with Fringe which have a golden color. Perfect for a gift for newborns. We also love the Baby Unicorn Scratch Trainers which make it easy to cinch little feet together.

    In autumn, rain boots are appreciated for their originality. Indeed, they are always with cheerful patterns or even with a protruding horn. For comfort, a pair of boots has a closure at the top of the boot to prevent water from entering it.

    Other models are lined to keep the heat like the boots. Winter shoes such as unicorn snow boots are therefore lined and allow a closure on the top of the boot. Thus, the heat is preserved during a stay in the mountains. Unicorn patterns and pink color are a hit for this pair of boots.

    What subjects are offered?

    Materials such as canvas for sneakers, leather or imitation leather for sandals are available. The quality of the seams on the sole can make all the difference. The silicone or plastic material can without toxic materials are more suitable for boots or flip flops. This material allows children's unicorn boots to be waterproof and wear-resistant. Always proud to wear unicorn shoes!

    Which unicorn shoe size to choose?

    Choosing a pair of shoes can seem complicated on an online store. the size guide simplifies this choice. First, two sheets to print make it easy to measure the length of the foot. Then sizes for adults, children and babies are available. Each table shows the correspondence between international size references: UK, US, FR.