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Girls Unicorn Jumpsuits

Pink unicorn costume

€39,90 EUR

Boys unicorn costume

€34,90 EUR
  • Unicorn over-pajamas to dress up or relax

    It is adopted above all for fun, dancing or dressing up, but at night it becomes unicorn pajamas or over-pajamas for sleeping. Collections of adult and baby unicorn jumpsuits, unicorn t-shirts or jackets are also available. We do not forget mom and dad with adult unicorn jumpsuits.

  • Fleece flannel unicorn jumpsuit pajamas

    With a unicorn sleepwear for girls, the night will be soft and the sleep refreshing. This polyester flannel fabric is loose, soft and plush. Its material is also perfect for autumn and winter evenings. Ideal for keeping the heat in on cold nights! An appreciable velvet aspect for this nightwear.

    Caring for a child unicorn kigurumi

    The colors hold up well to repeated dressings. For maintenance, it is preferable to wash your begummy unicorn by hand or in the machine at 30 °.

    All kids love unicorn jumpsuits

    Young girls love comfortable clothes of the latest trends. Unicorn fashion is unique and a unicorn costume is a good idea. No matter the use. To complete your nightwear or fancy dress outfits, you will love all the unicorn girl jumpsuits. This mythical creature is usually associated with rainbows and princesses. All hoods of the jumpsuits are with unicorn horn, ears, mane and eyes. Finally for which event to use a unicorn costume? For a birthday party or Halloween of course. An original gift idea !

    A practical unicorn pajama jumpsuit

    All of our unicorn pajamas are long sleeves. The side pockets allow you to carry your personal effects. Also, try to wear it over existing clothing. The unicorn jumpsuit is warm comfortable, light and fluffy. An opening on the back is available with press studs. There is good hold on the wrists and ankles thanks to the elastic ribbing fabric.

    Choosing a unicorn onesie

    Our collection of children's unicorn jumpsuits is available with dozens of models. Choose between beautiful pastel pink or multicolored colors. You will have the choice of many prints. Unicorn fancy dress costumes are unisex. For girls but also for boys. For each unicorn begummy, the sizes are indicated. Put on your unicorn slippers and you're ready for carnival.