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Unicorn costumes and outfits

Inflatable unicorn outfit

from €45,90 EUR

unicorn costume

€78,90 EUR

unicorn costume horse

from €67,90 EUR

Unicorn costume outfit

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Blue unicorn costume

€144,90 EUR

Adult unicorn costume

€286,90 EUR

Unicorn costume for adults

from €213,90 EUR


To liven up your private festive events: birthdays, fancy dress parties, masked balls, Halloween, Carnival, ... you won't run out of ingenious ideas thanks to our large selection of unicorn costumes and outfits for children and adults. Many themed disguises, from the simplest to the most sophisticated are available to you and will meet your needs. 

History of the collection

Giant inflatable costumes for young and old

If you are looking for something original, surprising, humorous and moreover of quality, our inflatable costumes are made for you. Those are unisex suits which can be worn by everyone. These last are wide and adapt to all body types. In addition to being designed in breathable polyester, flexible et quality, they are also equipped with modern ventilation mechanismet elaborate. Some even feature up to two fans built into the costume. This guarantees a maximum ventilation allowing you to feel comfortable wearing them for hours. Easy to use, they inflate and deflate in a minute and are very easy to maintain. Because they just wash in cold water after each use and do not require machine washing. Some cover only half of the body and give the wearer a real impression of putting themselves on the back of a unicorn. We can cite for example the unicorn costume horse, unicorn costume outfit or the inflatable unicorn costume to ride. Others a little more classic, on the other hand, coat the entire body and slip you under the skin of a titanic unicorn. For this, choose the inflatable unicorn rainbow costume, blue unicorn costume or the Halloween unicorn inflatable outfit. For other disguises, unicorn headband is a sought-after disguise.

Plush outfits for children and adults

With plush costumes, you are sure to be the attractive mascot of your party. These are combinations polyester fabric covering the whole body. The latter generally consist of several pieces: mask to hide the face, jumpsuit with zipped opening at the front to facilitate donning, mittens and slippers. Impossible for you They are designed with a material fresh, hot, breathable, flexible et slight.It is therefore enjoyable et comfortable to wear them. But that's not all, because the elasticity of the fabric also allows each outfit to adjust to all categories of morphology. Furthermore, the plush is thick et permeable. It has the ability to withstand the blows of toddlers and even bad weather. To do this, choose the halloween unicorn costume, unicorn costume for adults or the giant plush unicorn costume.

 It is thus impossible to recognize the face of the wearer. He understands 3 parts including one unicorn head mask with a white horn, two white ears, a purple mane and two large blue eyes. Add to that a plain white long-sleeved jumpsuit, a pair of white mittens to form the legs of the unicorn and a pair of white slippers for the feet. With its ample torque, the costume adjusts to all body types. Designed with a thick and quality fabric, it is the model that should generally be worn in cold weather.