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Unicorn Scarves & Neckwear

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  • Scarves and chokers are wardrobe essentials during the winter. As useful as they are stylish, these accessories protect you from the cold while emphasizing your clothing look.
  • Scarves and neckerchiefs for all tastes

    Discover in our collection a huge choice of unicorn scarves and chokers that come in different materials, colors and styles to complete your outfit while protecting you from the cold. Both trendy and functional accessories that mix with any outfit and accompany you in all seasons. Scarves and chokers have indeed become real fashion accessories that can be worn at any time of the year.

    How to choose your scarf?

    The scarf has become a real fashion piece, which in addition to protecting you from the cold, allows you to enhance your look. Today, scarves come in a multitude of designs to brighten up any outfit while keeping you warm.

    Bet on a scarf in wool, cotton or cashmere to protect your neck from low temperatures during the winter. It keeps you warm and can be worn in different ways according to your desires. You can also opt for the oversized scarf to create different styles. This cocooning piece is ideal for facing winter with complete peace of mind.

    When it's not too cold, adopt a long, thin scarf that can be worn for a chic and relaxed style. It is a version perfectly in tune with the times and which brings an elegant touch to your outfit. On the return of sunny days, a colorful and light scarf will be in order.

    The neckerchief, the snood or the tube scarf: a very trendy cut

    As a real trendy accessory, the choker or snood forms a tube, also called a tube scarf. Not only is this piece practical but it is also comfortable. Indeed, the snood allows you to be free in your movements while keeping you warm.

    The choker has a weight advantage: it is multifunctional and adapts perfectly to your style regardless of the clothingthat you wear. You can use it as a hood in rainy days or roll it up to cover your head. The snood can be worn in different ways depending on the circumstances.