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Unicorn Jewelry Sets & Sets

  • Unicorn jewelry sets and sets are more than fashion accessories. They are a real part of your look and enhance your style on any occasion. 
  • Sets and jewelry sets under the signs of the trend

    Perfect for highlighting femininity, elegance and style, the sets and sets of jewelry from our collection will allow you to complete your outfit in all circumstances. Unicorn jewelry that goes with the trend and that presents beautiful combinations of materials, stones and colors. Unicorn necklace, bracelet, ring and earrings will complete your outfit to create a real chic and stylish look. 

    How to choose your jewelry set?

    Before choosing your jewelry set, it is important to analyze your outfit. Indeed, the sets and adornments of jewelry adapt according to the occasions. They should also match your style and personality.

    For everyday life, choose sleek models such as a silver unicorn jewelry set. The sober and soft shades are perfect for playing on discretion. In the evening, you can opt for jewelry sets that will get you noticed as a set of costume jewelry.

    Mismatched unicorn jewelry and sets are perfect for personalizing your look. They go as well with classic outfits as for special occasions.

    A collection of unicorn jewelry sets and sets in gold, silver or steel

    Find elegant, sober and modern materials in our collection of unicorn jewelry sets and sets. A selection rich in colors and styles that will allow you to easily find the jewelry that will match your taste and your outfit. 

    A collection that will also allow you to coordinate your jewelry according to your desires. It includes in particular brooches in gold or silver but also rings, earrings and original unicorn bracelets which offer many variations.