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Unicorn Plush Cushion

This unicorn pillow is soft with its plush fabric.

This cushion is warm with its soft plush material and its large unicorn curves. To cuddle every day! The unicorn animal is the most wanted, funniest and softest plush you will find. Children of all ages enjoy this toy. The unicorn is the perfect example to develop children's imagination. It is also a comforting partner for travel by car or plane.

  • Fabric: 100% polyester; filling: 100% PP cotton
  • Dimensions: 50cm and 8cm
  • From 18 months
  • Care: hand wash recommended. Natural drying. Wash your pet on a gentle cycle in cold water by placing him in a white pillowcase and tying the ends open to prevent damage during washing and to keep the plush in place. Do not put in the dryer.