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Unicorn Mug
That changes color

Unicorn shaped mug that changes color. The new magic mug.

Our unicorn mug changes color and will be one of your most beautiful coffee cups. This heat-reactive porcelain mug changes color with heat. A cute colorful unicorn will appear when you pour a hot drink inside. Keep this unique mug for yourself or to give as a Christmas or Valentine's Day gift! Perfect for a magical breakfast. Sample drink: Perfect for hot water, coffee, tea and hot chocolate.
    • Unicorn mane turns into a rainbow of bright colors when hot liquid is poured inside
    • The unicorn's eyes also turn from black / purple to light blue with the warm water
    • Material: ceramic
    • Capacity: 300 ml
    • Cup weight: about 350g
    • Dimensions: 16 * 9 * 9cm
    • Dishwasher and microwave safe to avoid to preserve the colors

    This mug / mug took the form of a magical unicorn that changes color upon contact with a hot drink. To keep in your gift ideas.

    Find a wide selection of unicorn clothes, toys and accessories. Adopt a unicorn on your next office mug. Drinking your favorite drink with a unicorn is magic! Our collection of unicorn mugs is focused on quality materials and original designs. Coffee, tea or hot chocolate lover? The Unicorn Color Changing Mug will make you enjoy your favorite drink. Also check out other mug ideas. The first is the cup which changes depending on the heat of the drink. Cups with a lid keep the drink hot longer. In the end, enjoy your favorite drink!