About A Unicorn

Une Licorne™ is a shop entirely dedicated to this fabulous horned animal that is the unicorn, and to its magic. Find here a complete presentation on the universe of Une Licorne. What unicorn products are offered and what are the advantages of ordering from our store.

Our mission

Our goal is to be the place where all unicorn fans. Unicorn fashion is still going strong and increasing every day.

Young girls can find activities to do around the unicorn like drawings, origami or even unicorn costumes.

Being able to have fun and live like a unicorn! This is what drives us to offer the best products.

Become a princess

It's a unique world that girls love: the kawaii universe, rainbows or princess outfits. All princesses dream of an imaginary magical animal. This is an opportunity to dress up or play the princess riding her magical unicorn.

The unicorn team

I am Maxime, the founder of Une Licorne. It was my daughter who inspired me in this universe. Women no longer have a monopoly on unicorns. Today, the whole team is dedicated to finding new products and answering your questions.

Need advice, a question about a product or a suggestion for us? Our customer service is there to answer all your questions. Do not hesitate to contact us on our help center.

Carefully selected suppliers

All items have been carefully selected by the Une Licorne team according to rigorous criteria. We take great pleasure in finding the most beautiful products, and we hope you will enjoy our finds. Whether for fun, for a birth or a birthday, there is a product for every occasion. 

Everything you dream of grouped together in a single store, to treat yourself without moving from home. Moreover, the standard delivery is offered, with no minimum purchase and worldwide. In the event of a problem, we will reimburse you or send you a product free of charge. 

The joy of our children

As parents and beyond their well-being, we want our children to have fun. Here we know that young girls can always find the perfect gift.

Find a wide selection of products, for young and old unicorn lovers. Fantastic clothing, jewelry and more are waiting for you in our store. On the Une Licorne blog, you will find many articles and anecdotes about the beautiful unicorn, as well as great tutorials and other ideas about this magical creature: drawings, origami, cake recipes, etc.