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Ring - Measure your finger size

Simple ideas for finding the size of your unicorn ring

When buying a ring, the first idea is to go to the jeweler, try out a few samples, and calibrate them on a mandrel. Still, there is an easy at-home solution that simplifies the process and gives you the same results. Determining the size of your ring, or that of the person you're buying for, is the first step in customizing a ring.

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We offer 3 methods for you to measure your finger size.

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Method 1 - Measuring tape around the finger

Here are 5 simple steps to determine your ring size.

Step 1: Use a tailor's tape measure.

If you don't have one, simply cut a strip of paper, leaving enough space to wrap it around your finger.

finger tape measure

Step 2: Wrap the ribbon or tailor's paper around the base of the finger where you want to wear your new ring.

wrap the ribbon around the finger

Step 3: Mark the ribbon or paper where it completes the circle.

For the sake of accuracy, we recommend that you start the tailor tape at the 10 inch mark, leaving enough room for measurement.

finger measurement marking

Step 4: Count the millimeters from start to finish to determine the circumference of your ring.

look at the cm indicated on the tape

Step 5: Refer to this Ring Circumference Sizing Chart to choose the best size for your custom ring.


Method 2 - Measure your ring size using a string

Cut a piece of thin thread or non-stretchy string.
Wrap the piece of wire or string around the finger where the ring will be worn, making sure that it is neither too tight nor too loose.

measure the size of the finger with a string
Find the exact spot where the yarn or string completes the circle around your finger, then use a marker to draw a line to mark the spot.
To find the inner circumference of the ring, measure the piece of wire or string that forms the "full circle" using a ruler (in mm).
Use the Engagement Ring Size Guide to convert the inner circumference measurements to your ideal ring size.
To make it easier for you, our ring size chart includes South African, Australian and UK ring sizes, as well as converted Canadian and US ring sizes. This table applies to ring sizes for women and men.

Method 3 - How to Measure Your Ring Size Using Another Ring

The string method works like a charm but is not ideal if you want to keep the surprise of the gift.

If the person already has a ring that fits their ring finger well, for example, you can determine their size by tracing the inside circumference of the ring with a very sharp pencil on a piece of paper. Measure the diameter of the circle in millimeters and find the corresponding size on the ring size chart.

You can also put the ring on this ring sizer to print.

ring sizer

International Ring Size Chart

ring size table according to the country