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Unicorn Scarf Short Beanie

Here is a stylish unicorn beanie that you will rarely see! 

Recommended for all teenage girls and women fans of fancy plush headwear, this beanie provides the comfort and warmth of a classic beanie, thanks to the small scarf that serves as an ear warmer,

This accessory can be worn on any occasion and everywhere: during festivals, winter holidays, birthdays and why not in a nightclub? The great peculiarity of these hats is the mobility of their ears thanks to the air pressure on the end of the scarf.

This slightly special hat model ensures you comfort thanks to its soft plush and pleasant to the touch, but also warmth, thanks to the small scarf that serves as an earmuff. Available in 3 colors: purple, pink and white, it is practical to stand out.  

  • Stones / material : cotton and polyester
  • Genre : women
  • Age : adult
  • Colors: Purple, Pink, White
  • Repeated dressings resistant seams
  • Hand wash or machine washable at 30º

Also discover another innovative and rather nice hat model to wear: the Luminous Unicorn Scarf Hat. It is really cool and fun and in addition has several functions: both LED and useful to protect you from the cold. For a wider choice, find all the beanie collection. In the end, nothing better than a complete outfit with the many unicorn accessories clothing offered. Like gloves or a scarf for the winter.