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Mixed Unicorn Embroidery Beanie

This unicorn hat with a wide turn-up is the finishing touch to enhance your look, making it unique

As casual as you want and easily adaptable to all heads, this hat has the advantage of being suitable for both women and men. It can be adapted to both young people and adults, enough to satisfy everyone!

Entirely made of stretch ribbed knits, this piece perfectly envelops the forehead and also the ears. The embroidery on the large lapel at the front adds a trendy fashion look to the wearer. 

  • material : acrylic
  • Age : adolescent and adult
  • Genre : woman or man
  • Color : Black
  • Head measurement : 54-59 cm
  • Stitching resistant to repeated dressing and washing
  • Hand wash or machine washable at 30º

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