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Unicorn earrings

They are rare: earrings in the shape of a unicorn cat.

You'll love our unique collection of unicorn earring pairs. All styles of unicorn jewelry: luxurious, elegant, fun or silver. A pair of unicorn earrings for women or for girls to vary according to your tastes. We love unicorn designs and we found an iconic design of the unicorn cat. A kitten with a cute unicorn horn on its head. A jewel gift to complete the jewelry box of a mother or a young girl.

  • Materials : Alloy steel and resin
  • Dimensions of the unicorn: 1,5 cm
  • Closure: pendants

Succumb to the unique charm of these dangling earrings. Do not hesitate to associate them with a ring or a unicorn necklace. Celebrate your daughter's event by giving her these dangling earrings as a birthday present.