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Unicorn Children's Earrings

Pretty pink earrings for children.

Our store offers a unique range of unicorn earrings. Many unicorn jewelry ideas: luxury trend, discreet, funny or golden. Unicorn earrings for women or girls to adapt according to your tastes. What is your style ? Rather gold, silver, silver color, asymmetrical or pink. For what outfit? For girls, a pair of unicorn earrings means standing out and showing off your unicorn attitude! Unicorn jewelry that are always nice gifts. The pairs of unicorn buckles are worn with a nail. This closure is also called chips. The studs on the earrings are made of silver. The most discreet clasp.

  • Materials: steel alloy and silver for the rod and the fastener
  • Zircon
  • Colors: silver, white and pink
  • Dimensions: cm 1,4
  • Closure: ear studs

In such a chic style, titanium unicorn earrings. Their shape is unique. To discover others unicorn earrings. More generally, the collection of unicorn jewelry offer ideas for unicorn watches, necklaces or bracelets.