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Gold Unicorn Earrings

Pair of golden unicorn earrings.

Elegance is always there with golden unicorn earrings to adorn your ears with charm and delicacy. This steel metal alloy is tough and shiny. The alloy used can exist in several qualities. We use 316L grade, a grade that is used in surgery. This steel is therefore stainless and remains very resistant.

Unicorn earrings are worn with a thin nail. These are also called ear fleas. The most discreet clasp.

  • Materials: steel / zinc alloy
  • Color: golden / gold
  • Dimensions: 1,0 * 1,8cm
  • Closure: ear studs
  • Weight: g 2,6

You'll love our unique collection of unicorn earrings. All styles of unicorn jewelry : luxury trend, elegant, colorful or silver. Unicorn earrings for women or girls to adapt according to your personality. The silver unicorn sleeper earrings are original and suitable for many outfits.