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Unicorn earrings

A pair of quirky unicorn earrings. A different style for each ear.

You'll love our unique line of unicorn earrings. Many models of unicorn jewelry: ostentatious, discreet, funny or golden. Unicorn earrings for women or girls to acquire according to your tastes. What is your style ? This pair of asymmetrical earrings is in the kawaii style: a rainbow for one ear and a sitting unicorn for the other. A pretty trendy unicorn jewel for young and old.

  • Materials : Alloy steel and resin
  • Closure: hanging and nail

Succumb to the unique charm of these dangling earrings. Wear them with your favorite outfit. Emphasize the beauty of a woman dear to your heart by giving her these dangling earrings as a birthday present.

The buckles are worn with a nail. This closure is also called chips. The least visible clasp.