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Unicorn earrings

Pair of unicorn earrings in gold color.

Discover a unique range of unicorn earrings. Many unicorn jewelry ideas: luxurious, discreet, colorful or shiny. A pair of unicorn earrings for women or for girls to acquire according to your tastes. What is your style ? Rather golden, silver, shiny or pink.

  • Materials: stainless steel
  • Color: gold / gold
  • Dimensions: about 2,7 * 1,0cm
  • Weight: g 7
  • Closure: ear studs

If there is an essential jewel in any wardrobe, it is indeed earrings gold style. Practical for those who like to wear their jewelry at all times! They are made of a tough steel alloy. The steel used can be sold in several qualities. We use the 316L standard, a quality that is used in surgery. This steel is therefore stainless and remains very resistant. The pairs of unicorn buckles are closed with a nail. These are also called ear fleas. The most discreet clasp.

Gold style, here are others golden unicorn earrings. For a wider choice, find dozens of unicorn earrings fun or chic. We love them unicorn jewelry, always a good idea for a birthday.