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Unicorn Emoji Earrings

Unicorn emoji head unicorn earrings.

A pretty unicorn in earrings. An emoji in chrome look. Beyond the character used during a messaging exchange, there are unicorn emojis for many accessories. This pair of earrings is the exact unicorn emoji figure. The curls are closed with a thin nail. This closure is also called ear chips. The most discreet clasp.

  • Unicorn material: steel / zinc alloy
  • Silver clasp
  • Colors: pink and rainbow
  • Size: about 0,8 * 0,8cm
  • Ear studs

In such a brilliant style, girl unicorn earrings. Dozens of models are available in the collection of unicorn earrings. The collection of unicorn jewelry brings together many ideas for watches, bracelets, necklaces or brooches.