crying unicorn candle
Crying Unicorn Rainbow Candle
Crying Unicorn Candle - Unicorn

crying unicorn candle

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crying unicorn candle

regular price €45,90
Selling price €45,90 regular price €0,00

Crying unicorn candle which consists of its unicorn-shaped statuette accompanied by its multicolored candle representing the unicorn's horn.

This crying unicorn candle is impressive. It is an assembly of 2 accessories including a pretty little unicorn statuette in porcelain which serves as a candle holder accompanied by 3 conical rainbow-colored candles which represent the horn of the unicorn.

  • Material: paraffin wax
  • Unicorn candle holder included
  • Color: multicolor
  • Duration of broadcast: 15 minutes on average

2-piece set consisting of a white candle holder in the form of a small porcelain unicorn status and a rainbow candle implanted above the unicorn's skull to form its horn. When lighting the candle, the colored wax melts as it slowly pours through the unicorn's 2 eyes. The multicolored wax runs down the 2 cheeks of the unicorn like the tears of a crying unicorn.

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