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Unicorn Slippers Socks

We put on these unicorn-shaped slippers like socks. We feel like in a cocoon.

  • Fabric materials: cotton & polyester
  • Use: in the house
  • Non-slip PVC sole
  • 2 patterns: the unicorn panda and the unicorn llama
  • Sizes: see photo size guide

To choose your size, you can measure the sole of a pair of shoes that you own and then refer to the guide below:

ages Sizes Booties length
6-12 months 20 – 21 12.5 cm
12-18 months 22 – 23 13.5 cm
18-24 months 24 – 25 14.5 cm
2 4-years 26 – 27 15.5 cm

Unicorn - the shop of socks in unicorn slippers

Complete your collection of unicorn clothing. For a heartwarming moment at home, nothing better than a pair of unicorn slippers. There are large unicorn-shaped slippers or thinner mules for a chic unicorn spirit. Most of our slippers are made of quality PP cotton filling. Feeling of very light shoes to wear. You can wear them for dressing up, keeping your feet warm or relaxing at home. Nice gift to offer for a birthday present or for Christmas.