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Unicorn Car Travel Cushion

Unicorn travel pillow for car trips. 

This adorable unicorn plush travel pillow will be your ally for long journeys. Its rounded shape perfectly fits the neck of your child who will be able to sleep very comfortably. It is attached to the seat belt and allows wedge the neck. And once awake, it transforms into a soft toy for cuddling or inventing new adventures. As beautiful as it is practical with its multicolored mane, this toy will appeal to children and parents! 

    1. Outer material: plush fabric
    2. Inner material: PP cotton
    3. Size: 24 x 43 cm
    4. Age: + 3 years
    1. We have long believed that unicorns travel on rainbows when they go on vacation, but now we have found out that this is not the case. On the contrary, unicorns turn into travel companions.
    2. This pillow may look like quite ordinary unicorn pillow but it is aesthetic and comfortable travel unicorn. Open the zipper of the travel pillow and turn the unicorn inside out! Suddenly you will have a comfortable neck pillow! This neck pillow is perfect for resting on the go!