Silver Horn Inflatable Unicorn Costume
Silver Horn Inflatable Unicorn Costume
Silver horn inflatable unicorn costume - Unicorn
Silver horn inflatable unicorn costume - Unicorn

Silver Horn Inflatable Unicorn Costume

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Silver horn inflatable unicorn costume for a magical spirit.

Un silver horn inflatable unicorn costume to stand out at a disguised festive event.

  • Material: polyester
  • Costume for adults: inflatable, unisex
  • With a horn, a mane, two ears, a pair of wings, a tail, legs
  • Zipped front closure 
  • Fan & battery compartment included
  • No battery
  • Comfortable, airy, light, wide
  • Adult sizes: S to L.

An inflatable unicorn costume that stands out with its silver horn.

A silver horn inflatable unicorn outfit featuring a costume, a pair of gloves, 2 battery boxes and 2 fans. The entire costume is white except for the mane, the tail, the horn, the two ears, and the four legs which are pink. It is easy to put on thanks to its front zip closure. To get a glimpse of what's on the outside, a transparent part at the neck reveals the face of the person wearing it. Designed in breathable polyester, it is a costume with a high quality ventilation system thanks to its double fans integrated into the costume. This disguise is appreciated for its lightness and the comfort it provides.

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