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Unicorn pencil case
Soft Pencil Case

Soft unicorn pencil holder. 

A pretty pencil pouch that unfolds and allows you to store your accessories and colored pencils. A unicorn favorite to wear your most beautiful pencils!

  • Size: 19 * 26cm
  • Materials: canvas
  • Cord to attach the pouch
  • A pencil case is integrated into the pencil pouch
  • 5 storage compartments

At the start of the school year, the unicorn pencil case remains the # 1 accessory to put in your backpack pocket! Is your princess still looking for her kawaii unicorn pencil case? A unicorn pencil box for all artistic activities? Discover a large collection of unicorn school kits on the Une Licorne website. For all tastes and all budgets: flat pouches, rectangular pouches, double unicorn pouch, transparent unicorn pouch ... Depending on your need for drawing accessories, you can choose a thin pouch, a unicorn pouch, a 2-compartment pouch or a large one. unicorn pencil case. And always free delivery. Complete with a unicorn satchel or backpack!