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Girls Unicorn Cycling Gloves

Unicorn cycling gloves. Pink gloves with magical unicorn patterns for cycling in style.

These girls' sports gloves are well ventilated and have a reinforcement on the palm of the hand. Comfortable to wear, they absorb shocks and effectively protect the palms.
  • Material: polyester
  • Gloves with cut fingers
  • Recommended sports: bicycle, skateboard, scooter, roller skate
  • Kids sizes: width apple of the hand of 7 cm, 7,5 cm or 8 cm
  • Pink color
  • Patterns: unicorn
  • Non-slip to easily hold the handlebars
  • Breathable and hardwearing
  • Slim fit to avoid creases

How do I measure my palm circumference?

Using a tape measure, measure around the palm of your hand. Keep your hand flat without tightening the tape measure on the palm of your hand. This should pass over your knuckles below the base of the fingers.