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Unicorn happy birthday garland

Happy birthday unicorn garland: a special birthday decoration reserved for all unicorn fans!

This unicorn happy birthday garland will add a touch of enchantment to your birthday party. Multicolored balloons associated with its inflatable unicorn that you can store on the wall of your living room or above your table.

  • 147-piece kit
  • Composition :  "Happy Birthday" streamer, multicolored round balloons, star balloons, unicorn balloons
  • Easy assembly
  • High quality
  • Beautiful colors
  • Iodorous, non-toxic and harmless elements
  • Solid, durable
  • party decoration
  • Inflated balloons can last up to 72 hours

Giant garland of arched balloons with its inflatable decorative unicorn to hang on a wall or on a table.

This unicorn happy birthday garland is a complete set of 147 parts consisting of a banner with the inscription "Happy Birthday", multicolored round balloons in the shape of stars and unicorns as well as some DIY supplies necessary for assembling the kit. He is very easy to assemble.  decorative elements are from very good quality and are neither toxic nor harmless. They have one excellent outfitbecause they are solid. They therefore have a long life expectancy and can be used many times for multiple event occasions. Balloons can be inflated with helium or air. There will be some color difference before and after the balloons are inflated, you can check the true color only after you inflate the balloons. It is advisable to know how to dose the air filling of the balloons to avoid them bursting when inflating. An inflated balloon can last up to 72 hours. For best results, it is advisable to inflate them 1-2 hours before your event.

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