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Unicorn shaped clock

Unicorn-shaped clock for personalized unicorn-themed decor.

This unicorn shaped clock will bring a touch of color to your room. It features a purplish pink unicorn floating above a rainbow and a cloud. An ideal accessory that will brighten up and make your interior magical.

  • Horloge murale
  • Material: plastic
  • Feature: antique style
  • Display type: needle
  • Geometric shape
  • Quartz movement

Unicorn style clock that you can place just as well in a children's room, in the living room, in your kitchen or in your library.

A beautiful unicorn shaped clock Ideally placed in your child's bedroom or another room in your home to tell you the time with precision thanks to his quartz mechanism. Its large numbers are easily visible, which makes it possible to read the time without any difficulty even from a distance. Made with a material plastic, It is robust et reliable and does not fear shocks. It hangs easily on the wall with the help of a simple nail because it has a hanging system in the back.