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Contemporary unicorn clock with LED

Contemporary unicorn clock with LED that stands out for its finesse and luminous mechanism.

This contemporary unicorn clock consists of a gold metal shell with gold-colored hands. Equipped with LEDs, the numbers, patterns and hands of the wall watch are clearly visible and take on a metallic light blue color in the dark, all under a black background.

  • Type: wall clock
  • Shape: circular
  • Shell material: metal
  • Dial material: plastics
  • Mirror material: glass.
  • Display type: Needle
  • Power type: battery
  • Thickness: mm 4
  • Suitable for: living room, bedroom, office
  • Size: 14 inch
  • Features: luminous
  • Silent mechanism
  • Display: pointer and number

Luminous wall watch with unicorn pattern in a trendy and modern style. A clock that shimmers and changes color in the dark.

This contemporary unicorn clock is equipped with LEDs. It has a round shape, has a metal shell, a plastic dial, a glass mirror and a mute mechanism. She has the particularity of changing color once she is in the dark. Her numbers, patterns and hands glow metallic blue when she finds herself in a dark room. Which gives it a magical effect.