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Nebula galaxy unicorn clock

Nebula galaxy unicorn clock, a work of art to tell you the time.

This nebula galaxy unicorn clock is a circular silent acrylic wall clock featuring a pretty unicorn with universe themed designs. It can be hung in your kitchen, dining room or in your bedroom.

  • Material: PVC
  • Round shape
  • ancient-style
  • Movement: Quartz
  • Type: wall clock
  • Diameter: 25 cm
  • Weight: g 350
  • Feature: silent mechanism
  • Metal hands available in 2 colors: black or gold

Unicorn wall watch with an astral decor for a magical effect.

This nebula galaxy unicorn clock is made of eco-friendly fiber wood. It is painted on premium copper paper with a vivid and long-lasting color. The numbers on the clocks are clear to read. It does not have a glass cover or a frame. With a mute mechanism, you can keep busy without having to hear the sound of the second hand.