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Kawaii unicorn clock

Kawaii unicorn clock, a unicorn-shaped wall watch to display nicely in your child's room for a colorful decor with a warm atmosphere.

This kawaii unicorn clockin woodwill bring your room to life with its beautiful shapes and colors in pastel tones. We appreciate it for its original and neat design. Made with good quality material, it is solid and light. Generally designed to adorn a child's room, it also adapts to other rooms in your home such as your main room, your office or your kitchen.

  • Material: wood
  • Type: wall clock
  • 3d unicorn
  • Thickness: mm 3
  • With black digital print
  • Display type: hands
  • Dimensions: 19 * 32 cm
  • Solid

Wooden wall watch in the shape of a 3D unicorn for a Kawaii and unique decoration!

For all unicorn fans, choose a decoration that suits you. And let yourself be seduced by the beauty and originality of this kawaii unicorn clock. This one is distinguished by its unique, modern, girly and trendy style with a neat finish.