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Unicorn cloud clock

Unicorn cloud clock: an element that is both decorative and essential to place in a children's room.

This pretty unicorn cloud clock will immerse you in the world of unicorns with its big rainbow, big cloud and swinging unicorn. A mixture of colors to bring joy and a childish atmosphere to your room.

  • Horloge murale 
  • Material: plastic
  • Width: 21,2 cm
  • Length: 41,4 cm
  • Diameter: 40 cm
  • Weight: g 500
  • Feature: mute
  • Style: cartoon
  • Geometric shape
  • Pattern: cartoon
  • Motivity Type: Quartz

Unicorn pendulum that swings under a sky of rainbows and clouds that is characterized by its superb readability and mute operation.

With its cartoon pattern multicolored, this unicorn cloud clock is, at the same time aestheticet practice. Designed in material plastic, It is solidet light. It is equipped with a Quartz movement with an silent operation. Its large-print numerals allow excellent readability and allow us to read the time with precisionet ease. It is equipped with a hooking system on the back and is very easily fixed to the wall with the help of a nail.