Lange Unicorn - A Unicorn
Lange Unicorn - A Unicorn
Lange Unicorn - A Unicorn

Lange Unicorn

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These pretty soft unicorn swaddles will be useful to you every day.

Genuine Swiss Army Knives, they will quickly prove to be essential. With their very pretty unicorn designs, they are also a feast for the eyes. A beautiful birth gift to offer or to offer yourself.

Also find our unicorn changing bag and our waterproof bag for storing diapers.

    1. Whether for protect your clothes from regurgitation during baby's meal, protect your privacy during breastfeeding or serve as a small light blanket during the first chills, you will not be able to do without these adorable swaddling clothes.
    2. Also useful for improvising a changing mat or a play mat.
    3. Some babies will enjoy being swaddled in it because being contained soothes them. 
    1. Material: 100% cotton
    2. Dimensions: 100 * 120 cm
    3. Three patterns to choose from
    4. Care: machine wash. Gentle drying and ironing
    5. Wash before first use
    6. Do not leave in a baby's crib unattended


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