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Expandable Silicone Unicorn Pouch

A pretty semi-rigid silicone unicorn case.

At a time pencil holder and pencil case, this little pig disguised as a unicorn will carry all the unicorn pens and markers. A silicone material soft and resistant and even waterproof except for its zip closure.

  • Normal size: 6,5cm x 12,7cm
  • Expandable Size: 6,5cm x 19,7cm
  • Closure: zip
  • Materials: silicone
  • Expandable pencil case

At the start of the school year, the unicorn pencil case remains the number 1 accessory to put in the pocket of your backpack! Your daughter still hasn't found the perfect pencil case? Pens and markers are quietly waiting on his desk? Find a large collection of unicorn school kits on the Une Licorne store. For all styles and all budgets: round pencil cases, rectangular pencil cases, double unicorn pencil case, transparent unicorn pencil case... Depending on the quantity of school supplies you wish to insert, you can choose a flat pencil case, a rectangular pencil case, a pencil case with 2 compartments or a large unicorn pencil case. But nothing better than a expandable pencil case to fit all pens.